The reporter observed: the Prime Minister reporter will send out China’s most "strong" sound to the world.

The reporter observed: the Prime Minister reporter will send out China’s most "strong" sound to the world.

People’s Network Beijing May 28 (Liu Yongting, Cui Yue) On May 28, Prime Minister Li Keqiang attended the reporter in the golden hall of the Great Hall of the Great Hall and answered questions. In the past two hours, Li Keqiang answered 11 questions of Chinese and foreign reporters, 7 of which were proposed by overseas media, fully reflecting the high concern of China’s governance program.

How does the Chinese economy recover? Where is Sino-US relations? How will China inject energy into the downstream world economy? In response to the concerns of Chinese and foreign media, Li Keqiang’s prime minister and said to the world, to show Chinese programs.

– How to restore the "development or solve all the problems of China" and the "black swan" raid, the economic development of various countries is forced to press the "Pause".

After the era of fake, how to restart economic resumption has become the first problem in front of governments. At this press conference, Reuters reporters are straight into. Since the Chinese economy has emerged for the first time for decades, the financial measures issued by the Chinese government are lower than the expectations of some economists, and there is no setting in the Chinese government work report. GDP growth rate goals. He asked, "Whether China will introduce a larger-scale stimulus measures in the future", expressing the international community to restore the economy for China. In this regard, Li Keqiang did not avoid the problem of current China’s economic recovery.

He said that this year we did not determine the quantitative indicators of GDP growth, which is also truly. However, we have determined the target task of "six guarantees" such as employment, basic people’s livelihood, and market main body, which has a direct relationship with GDP economic growth.

Economic growth is not not important. We do this practice more direct feelings for the people to make economic growth, which has higher quality, development or the key and foundation of all China.

In fact, the epidemic has caused serious impact on the world economy. As the second largest economy in the world, the Chinese economy will take the next step of the world economy. China puts forward the "six stable" "six guarantees", which is a powerful measures that should be taken in the current special situation.

The central government took the lead in "tight days", funds directly to the people, steadily employment, protect people’s livelihood, promote consumption, reflecting the principle of China’s "people’s interests". The new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread, and the economic development of various countries is still facing great uncertainty. After the era of postpartum, how to boost the economy to test the governments of governments. For the risk of future possible, Li Keqiang’s prime minister also said that China still has policy space. "In time, everything," maintaining policy flexibility, ensuring smooth operation of the economy, contributing Chinese wisdom for global risk management.

– How to face the new challenge in the epidemic situation "The business cooperation between China and the United States should follow the business rules" in recent years, the friction between the two largest economies in China is constantly attracted worldwide.

The outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, so that the crisis is adding in the snow. In the face of the continuous new twists and turns, how the two countries deal with challenges and seek cooperation to become the focus of domestic and foreign media.

At the press conference, Li Keqiang gave his answered question for how China and the United States seek cooperation in difficulties.

Prime Minister Li Keqiang said that China and the United Nance are both standing, fighting.

The two countries can say that you have me, I have you. The business cooperation between China and the United States should follow the business rules and choose from the market, and the entrepreneur is judged, the board, the government plays the role of the platform. To respect each other, equality and mutual benefit, respect the core interests and major concerns of the other party, seeking cooperation and win – win. In today’s world, the interests of interests are highly integrated, which have long been a destiny community.

As the world’s largest developing country and the largest developed country, Sino-US relations not only affect the people of the two countries, but also affect the world.

Some political forces at the United States tried to push Sino-US relations to the so-called "new cold war", which not only hinders the future development of the two countries, but also harms the stability and prosperity of the world. In the face of contradictions and disagreement, both parties should respect each other, cooperate with a win-win, jointly build a coordination, stable Sino-US relations.

In order to the fundamental and long-term interests of the people of the two countries, in order to the world’s future and well-being, China and the United States should be contained in the same way, and the common interests are expanded with wisdom. How to explain the mystery of the virus source "to carry out international cooperation, scientific traceability", and the new crown epidemic chaos in the world development. For the urgency of scientific prevention and control and the exploration of unknown viruses, new crown virus traceability has triggered continued attention from all walks of life.

At the press conference, how to view the sources of the survey of the stem of virus from the Chinese and foreign media. In this regard, Prime Minister Li Keqiang said that scientific traceability can better prevent and control the epidemic, and it is also for the health of the people of the world. He pointed out that accelerates research and development of vaccines, effective drugs, test reagents, which will be a strong weapon for human beings to overcome this virus.

China and many countries are in progress, and we are willing to carry out international cooperation.

These products are global public products, we are willing to share, and ultimately let humans can win the enemy of the virus. We now need to balance in contradictions, explore in front, especially international cooperation. Whether it is fighting the epidemic, or the development of the economy, we need our work together to make human beings’ impact of this huge wave.

Since the epidemic, the problem of viral source has continued to controversy. Individual national politicians even trace the virus.

This is not only a distortion of the truth, not only for science, but also more than the international antioprioceleration.

Traceability of viral is a serious scientific issue.

In the face of this problem, work together is the most correct way, unity and cooperation is the most powerful weapon. After the epidemic, China has always adhered to seeking truth from facts, and the first time reported to WHO, actively sharing research results in the international community. It has proved that countries can only win the epidemic in the early days, and they will return to normal development tracks to restore the world’s prosperity.

– What role in China is playing in the global economic recession challenge "China firmly advances to the outside world, this will not change" affected by the epidemic, global economic recession is inevitable. " China’s judgment of the global economic situation and how to play a role being received by the international media. In this regard, Li Keqiang responded that openness is the same as the air to people, otherwise it will suffocate. China is unswervingly advanced to open, which will not change.

It is true, under the epidemic, the economic and trade exchanges and personnel of the world have been significantly reduced, and the world economy faces a serious recession. The development of the global economy needs to maintain the global industrial chain and the supply chain is stable.

Only in terms of opening up, promoting trade investment liberalization and convenience can jointly respond to the impact of the epidemic to the world economy.

Li Keqiang presented at the press conference, and countries should have a friendly, all-in-one, and mutual benefit, and adhere to the two-way openness.

At present, China and South Korea will test first, and the two countries have opened up a quick passage, guarantee the smooth exchange of business, technical and other personnel, which gives the international community.

As the largest consumer market in the world, China announced that it will unswervingly advancement, this is a great responsibility and responsibility, and is the solemn commitment of China’s practitioners of human fate community. The reporter will finally, Li Keqiang issued an invitation to the world, "I hope that China is still optimistic about investment in territorial territory.

We are willing to import more foreign goods and become a big market for the world. "In the face of impact and challenges, the international community is in the same boat, working together, after the epidemic, the world economy will usher in new prosperity.