Suqian Fuyang resolved the history of the history: 4500 residents finally received the real estate license

Suqian Fuyang resolved the history of the history: 4500 residents finally received the real estate license

Original title: Fuyang actively resolved historical legacy issues (Reporter Sun Xuhui) "Waiting for so many years, finally put the real estate license, this is finally practical." Recently, Ms. He is doing a real estate license. The staff of Suyang County, Suyang County, the staff of Suqian City, sent a banner.

Ms. Fuli Garden Community, due to the development of unit fund chain breaks, causing cell planning and acceptance, fire acceptance, completion acceptance, etc.

Xiangyang County finds the problem of the problem, the multi-party coordination meeting, eventually solved the residents of the community real estate registration, and more than 380 residents in the community have begun to receive cards.

According to the actual situation, the county natural resources and planning bureau will lead the county housing and construction bureau, the county finance bureau, the county tax office, etc., jointly issued the "Notice on Accelerating the Historical Legacy of the Solid Production of the People’s Office". In order to deal with the funds of the historical legacy of the old community in the country’s state-owned construction. At the same time, it was established to resolve the leading group of the resolution of the real estate of Fuyang County, which is responsible for the petition arising from the historical legacy of the field. It actively resolves various "registration difficulties" issues, and fully realize the goal of "the masses".

In terms of specific problem processing, Fuyang County has established a central business problem, and the relevant department coordination processing mechanism, the director’s office discusses the settlement mechanism and the county government to discuss the settlement mechanism, and the work will be implemented to track the supervision mechanism. Work has been arranged to deploy, have a coordinated advancement, and there is an inspection and guidance.

Through the construction of mechanism system, ensure that the problem of historical legacy "small matter does not have the hall on the spot, please report to the report to try the implementation". Up to now, Fuyang County has a total of 10 community residential property rights of 10 community residential property rights in Tianzheng Community, Financial Community, Minsheng Community, and Flower Garden Community, and 4,500 people. (Editor: Xiao Yu, Tang Wei) Sharing let more people see.