The autonomous underwater robots developed in my country completed the Arctic submarine science inspection

The autonomous underwater robots developed in my country completed the Arctic submarine science inspection

This newspaper Beijing October 7 (Reporter Wu Yuehui) Journalists learned from the Chinese Academy of Sciences that: Recently, the "Exploration 4500" autonomous underwater robot presided over by the Shenyang Automation Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as "Exploration 4500") in my country In the second Arctic examination, the northern high latitude sea ice coverage area scientific examination task was successfully completed. The self-underwater robot successfully dive in the Northern High latitudes is constantly deepening the exploration and cognition of the energy exchange and geological process of the Arctic in the Arctic Ocean.

According to reports, the characteristics of high-intensity sea ice coverage of this Arctic examination work area, the scientific research team innovatively developed the acoustic remote control and automatic guidance of ice recycling technology, overcoming the rapid movement of sea ice and recycling the sea area. The challenges brought about by underwater robots, ensuring that underwater robots continuously dive successfully in the high latitude sea area of ??the intensive sea ice coverage, and all safety recycles.

Li Shuo, deputy director of Shenyang Automation Research Institute, said: "In science test applications, ‘Explore 4500’ successfully acquires the nearette high distortion to multi-beam, hydrological and magnetic data, and the gentle geomorphology of the super slow expansion. Magma and hot fluid activities such as the front of the Arctic deep sea in front of the depth of the sea. "" Exploring 4500 "is the deep sea of ??the" Tropical West Pacific Ocean System Material Energy Exchange and Its Influence "Strategic Technical Special Support R & D equipment.

In order to participate in the Arctic examination, the scientific research team conducted environmental adaptability, high latitude navigation, submarine detection, fault emergency treatment, etc., and launched a systematic. reliability.

"Exploring 4500" successfully applied in the exam, fully verified its good low temperature environment in the Arctic Ice, high-profament, high-precision navigation performance, dense ice-free emergency response capabilities, and the fine detection ability of the nectic ridges. According to Hebin, Hebin, Director of the Shenyang Automation Research Institute, in recent years, China’s major needs, Shenyang Automation Research Institute has been committed to promoting the system of pedigree of underwater robots, and participated in 8 polar science tests, for my country underwater robots Polar application makes an important contribution. "People’s Daily" (04th edition, October 021) (Editor: Chen Luo, Li Minjun) Share more people to see.