Suzhou: Taken the root "Entrepreneurship Paradise" to guard the "heart"

Suzhou: Taken the root "Entrepreneurship Paradise" to guard the "heart"

  Original title: Taround "Entrepreneurship Paradise", for the Chinese people, "Heart", in the hands of Suzhou embroidery, in addition to embroidery, the beautiful Soviet embroidery, can sew the life-saving heart valve. On November 8, in the Peijia Medical Testing laboratory in Suzhou Industrial Park, the reporter saw that a group of hand-sewed artificial valve products were taking fatigue test, tested 400 million times, about 4 to 6 months To ensure the service life of the product for about 10 years. "As one of the most important product lines of Peijia Medical Products, all of the valve sewn sewn in the heart valve we produce is accomplished, each sewing a complete valve, requires more than 1,000 needles for needle lead, take more than 10 hours.

"Pei Jia medical founder, Chairman Zhang Yi said, after testing, the heart valve we produce is comparable to the same imported products, but the price is about 40%. At the national two sessions, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that Force to carry out key core technology, accelerate the problem of "card neck" in the fields of drugs, medical devices, medical equipment, vaccines.

This makes Zhang Yi feel deeply.

More than ten years ago, he firmly chose to return to the country from the foreign medical device company, which is to hold such a belief: "The technique of foreigners can do, Chinese people can do, even better!" Bring Let the domestic medical equipment go to the world, Zhang Yes returns to the team for only more than 4 years, and it will break the foreign monopoly in the field of drug brackets, so that domestic brands have been recognized and trust from the majority of clinicians.

  In 2016, with a higher development goal, Zhang Yi came to Suzhou Industrial Park. The 5 years of "Entrepreneurship Paradise" is rooted, and the dream of his heart is more rapidly.

Today, Peijia Medical, master the world’s unique cow’s surface trimming technology and non-nonfolkaldehyde cross-linking anti-calcification technology biomaterial treatment technology, with more than 60 national registration patents, professional R & D laboratories and 3,500 square meters Complete production workshop. For Zhang Yi, I am particularly precious on April 19 this year.

On this day, Peijia medical independently developed valve products officially won the listing of the National Drug Administration, and it is also a product that China’s first clinical trial is completely independent by domestic experts. As of October, Peijia Medical Two-generation heart valve products have served more than 360 domestic patients.

  "In the moment, the Suzhou we have is striving to build a world-class landmark, the medical industry has achieved strong development, but the medical device industry still needs to break through, and Pei Jia medical will use its own advantages, depending on Suzhou’s strong support, grow as Jiangsu and even the country. High-end medical device leader.

"One pair of confidence in the future.

"Lin Yuanqin Wang Xiaoli).