The lotus root is fresh, and the blood is boiled with the squid.

The lotus root is fresh, and the blood is boiled with the squid.

It is now the lotus root in a lot of listed, this time the lotus root is fresh and juicy. It is very good.

Zhao Zhixiang, deputy director of the Department of Endocrinology, Guangzhou Medical University, specially introduced a seasonal dishes suitable for Sanda Tianshi: lotus root burned squid.

The lotus root contains a lot of nutrients such as moisture, dietary fiber, and vitamins, which can provide enough fullness, and the sugar indication index is not particularly high. Lotus root can be eaten, there is clear heat dissipation, solve the role of thirst, but the spleen and stomach is not suitable, so we used the cooked way. Cooked 性 味,

Therefore, in the summer, you can eat lotus roots to achieve the effect of nourishing. The squid is a daily usual ingredient, and the protein content of each hundred grams of squid is as high as 18 grams, and the fat content is only 1 gram, rich in nutrients such as calcium, iron, and B vitamins. At this time, the jaundice is especially fat, and the folks have the statement of "Xiaoshu Huangqi".

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the fish flavor, the temperate, returning to the liver, spleen, kidney, can make up blood, strong bones, except for rheumatism. Summer weather is hot, it is prone to the symptoms of spiritual wilting, fatigue and weakness, and the eating carp can make up the blood, improve the symptoms of various fatigue.

Lotus root burning squid ingredients: lotus root, squid, chopped garlic, ginger, chop pepper. Steps: 1, squid cut into small pieces, rinse after filtering the blood, put the cooking wine, garlic, ginger in boiling water in boiling water, remove, rinse the floating foam, drain water, drained; 2, lotus root Peeling, cutting large blocks, put into the water to soak alternate, so as not to black; 3, garlic, ginger, chutes, etc. At the end, ginger, into the mouth, slightly stir fry; add the squid, add appropriate amount of soy sauce, old smoke, salt, 1-2 spoon chop pepper, stir fry 入 味; pour into warm water or high soup, just have no food, small Press the soup to do it, sprinkle on onion before going out.

Recommendation: Lotus root contains rich starch, so managed in the diabetic diet.

However, relative to rice, lotus root belongs to high cellulose low-calorie staple food, and diabetic patients can be properly eaten. (Yangcheng Evening News reporter Yu Yanhong correspondent Liang Translated Yin).