Sichuan held a burial martyrs a burial ceremony to make the spirit of the spirit better

Sichuan held a burial martyrs a burial ceremony to make the spirit of the spirit better

Original title: Let the British spirit have passed on the reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Retired Military Affairs Office in September 26 that in order to further inherit the spirit of the British, do a good job in Martyrs’ Commemorative Facilities Management and Protection. Since the start of the special action of the renovation, we will actively promote the burial work of the burial martyrs tomb, inherit "Red Genealogy", handover "spiritual assets", care for "red gene", let more people understand the British deeds, inherit Spirit. On September 24, Meishan City Pengshan District held the second batch of burial ceremonies in the second batch of martyrs in 2021, and the tomb of Mao Shou Martyrs, Yang Wenchao martyrs tomb was buried into the martyrs cemetery. It is understood that there are 5 burial martyrs in the forest, and there are only 3 free tomb in the area of ??the District Martyrs Cemetery. In order to properly complete the relocation of the martyrs tomb and the protection of memorial facilities, the area puts the capital of 120,000 yuan, once again 12 built-in martyrs tomb, used to mute the burial martyrs tomb into the park.

  On the same day, Chongzhou Retired Military Bureau held a martial arts ceremony in Chongzhou Martyrs Cemetery, accompanied by the "Missing Qu" of the lying back, and the salute escorted Wang to help the martyrs. The person sang "National Song of the People’s Republic of China", pinning the unlimited grief of revolutionary martyrs, praising the spirit of revolutionary martyrs; Finally, the salute will send Wang to help the martyrs to protect the gray box of the martyrs to the tomb, participate in the ceremony to give flowers to the martyrs tomb. .

  On the morning of September 25th, the remains of the scattered martyrs tomb of Anyue County were held at the Anyue Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery. The revolutionary martyrs in the county jurisdiction were concentrated into the martyrs cemetery.

  With the solemn "Missing" music, the martyrs’ coffin covers the bright national flag, and the salute is sent to the Lingtai before the Martyr Monument from the Cemetery.

The person who participated in the ceremony was deeply remembered to be in the way, sacrifice and dedicated flowers, sacrifice the loyalty, and expressed deep grief and infinite advice to the revolutionary marty of the country. Subsequently, the salute escorted the martyrs to the martyrs tomb, and under the guidance of staff, the martyrs relaxed to participate in the burial and paying. According to statistics, the burial was 45 martyrs in Anyue County, which buried 66 revolutionary hero marties.

In order to facilitate the people’s people to pay tribute, sacrifice, Anyue moved the scattered martyrs tomb to the Martyrs Cemetery, unified management. (Sichuan Daily Full Media Reporter Li Dan) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Luo Wei) Share more people to see.