Today’s Rui commented in the temptation of the psychological imbalance

Today’s Rui commented in the temptation of the psychological imbalance

Recently, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has issued a member of the original party committee of Hangzhou Industrial Investment Group, Zhejiang Province, and the general manager Luo Xuheng seriously violated the laws and discipline.

Luo Xuheng’s first step in the corruption of corruption originates from psychological imbalances. As he wrote by his confession: "The three feet of frozen is cold, small things inadvertent, psychological imbalance, greed, let me step by step, embarrassing the road of illegal crimes.

"Luo Xuheng has grown from a technical worker as deputy-level cadres, and eventually becomes a prisoner, and it is deeply surprising.

Psychological imbalance is a psychological phenomenon, and many people may have psychological imbalance at a certain moment.

There are a lot of reasons for psychological imbalance, and blind comparison is often important factors. Luo Xuheng’s psychological imbalance is from a word of boss friends.

In less than 38, I was appointed the deputy general manager of Hangzhou, a large-scale state-owned enterprise. As the city management cadres, Luo Xuheng still lived in an affordable housing community for a long time, and some boss friends often joked: "Luo You are too simple, but also live in this place. "The speaker is unhealthy, the listener is interested. Luo Xusheng gradually changing, especially when some bosses lived in luxury homes, after opening a luxury car, even feels inferior.

In this way, his greed gradually breed. The dominance is the heart, once the thought is broken, what can be done. If you are difficult to fill, the greed of the gate will be more embarrassed.

From subordinate enterprises to buy houses in ultra-low-cost, Luo Xusheng took the first step in their personal deals. Seeing some boss’s ability, there is no strong, but it is easy to make money, earn more, his mentality is more unbalanced, and the behavior of the project will have become inconvenient. In the end, Luo Xusheng was sentenced to 12 years in prison, and fined 1.5 million yuan.

Luo Xusheng made his behavior at the time, and also left a profound lesson for people. It is undeniable that the temptation of leadership cadres face.

However, no matter what, this cannot be an excuse for violations of laws.

It is necessary to always comply with the fish and bear’s own, when the official is rich in money, don’t see the boss’s business, you will lose money. Otherwise, with the money, it will be even more far from the idea of ??justice and perennial.

In the face of the imbalance of temptation, it is the ideal belief that there is no tree, in the temptation, "hunting" is not fixed, and stands.

In fact, a person can be honest and self-disciplined, the biggest temptation is yourself, the hardest victory enemy is also yourself.

The ancients still have a "one-piece, my name; take a text, I am not worth a copy of the article", party members leading cadres should always be self-motivated to self-motivate self-motivation, and strive to do their minds. Dramatics. (The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the website of the National Supervision and Commission, Wang Xinmin) (Editor: Wang Hou, Liang Qiping).