Technology blessings! The first 5G + robot remote interventional surgery

Technology blessings! The first 5G + robot remote interventional surgery

Lying on the operating table is a liver puncture biopsy patient, according to the remote surgical planning plan, the doctor intervenes the surgical treatment with the robot aid, after half an hour, postoperative CT scanned image display, treat direct lesion target area, The path is accurate, the patient has no bleeding, complications, etc. Recently, the first 5G + robot remote interventional surgery was successfully completed in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

This is a tumor micro-invasive interventional project, which has become another beneficial exploration in the field of smart medical fields (referred to as Beijing Economic Development Zone). During surgery, remote interventional surgical visual systems are used, which consists of remote expert guidance systems, into the needle planning system, CT boot system, navigation robot system, 5G network, remote audio and video auxiliary system.

General Manager of the Department of Sino Saids, Zhou Yu, introduced. Under the 5G network provided by China Mobile, the control delay is avoided, and the whole process is monitored in all directions.

Through the Duo Cloud Remote Reading Function, the Inner Mongolia Cancer Hospital expert team and the surgery Chifeng Songshan Hospital were consultated, confirmed the treatment and interventional surgery.

Zhou Yu introduced: The difficult point of case is that the target area is closer to the bottom of the pulmonary leaves. If the deviation is generated in the needle path, it is easy to pierce the pulmonary leaves, causing unnecessary damage to the patient, with a 5G remote adult planning system and interventional robot, precipitating Sensitive areas such as blends vessels, organs, to achieve the optimal path of the needle. In addition, in the surgical case of our observation, the doctor can solve the doctor up to 21 needles, and there are 3-pin, and the accuracy of the robot can reach the average needle.

The first 5G robot remote interventional surgery is successful, marking individualized medicine, accurate medical philosophy, truly integrating tumor routine treatment, and imbalanced imbalance due to regional and resource gaps will be effectively improved. Zhou Yu said that Inner Mongolia Cancer Hospital and Chifeng Songshan Hospital are the 5G remote interventional operating room solution established by Sino. Next, we will cooperate with China Run medical care to promote the construction of medical medicine, and jointly promote a large number of promotion pilots in Inner Mongolia and even the whole country, helping more medical institutions to improve the diagnosis and treatment skills, and improve the national intervention treatment level, let more Patients can enjoy high quality medical resources at home. The distance medical new scenario is just a microcosm of the Beijing Economic Development Zone Biotechnology and the Innovation Development of Great Health Industry.

As one of the four major leading industries in Beijing, the biotechnology and large health industry has gathered more than 1,700 companies including Bayer, Tiede, Tong Ren Tang, forming a complete industrial chain, including biomedicine, medical equipment, health industry, etc. With the optimization and upgrading of industry innovation, innovative medicine, innovative medical equipment is constantly breaking, continued to invest in China’s smart medical development.

(Reporter Huatong correspondent Sun Yanping) Responsible Editor: KJ005.