Reported by the pen as a gun

Reported by the pen as a gun

  During the new democratic revolution, the famous reporter Shao Fuan Ping hides the Communist Party of China, with the secret pen of the knife as the oppressed, with deep thinking, laying the foundation for the Chinese journalism, the spirit of the nation, is well-deserved The forelist in that era.

  Iron shoulder spicy articles. On October 11, 1886, Shao Faying was born in Zhejiang Dongyang. In 1909, he returned to Jinhua, he was awarded a special correspondent from the Zhejiang Provincial Higher School of Education. In 1911, Shao Fuan Ping resigned to the faculty and went to Hangzhou to find an appointment opportunity.

He visited the predecessors of the president, and jointly worked with its "Hanmin Daily", and published the "Zhenqing" comment article to attack the social ugly phenomenon, and began his career career.

On August 10, 1913, he was blocked because of "disturbing public security" and suspected of participating in the crime of evil Yuan Shikai, "Hanmin Daily" was sealed. After being rescued by his wife Tang Xiu Hui, Shao Faying temporarily evolved Japan, entered the Tokyo Kaoguan University, and established "Tokyo News Agency" with the same township, providing "Tokyo Special Communications" for China. At the end of 1915, Shao Funuguchu became returned to Shanghai and was invited to "declare" "Times" main pen. He published a large number of attacks of Yuan Shikai, the article, inquiry, and directly affected the time.

  In 1916, Shao Faying was "declared" a reporter in Beijing, which became the first reporter in China’s news history. From August 23, 1916, on December 11, 1918, he had written 223 "Beijing Special Communications", and the content is more.

"Beijing Special Communications" has a rapid response, rich in opinions, open news reports, and popular in the country. China’s China, feudal warlords have been mixed in the year, and the country is spreading.

On October 5, 1918, Shao Fuan Ping, 32, resigned, the first big newspaper, the self-funded fund founding "Beijing News", and started with a pen as a gun, awakening the people’s news and save the country.

His pro-book "iron shoulders" hangs on the editorial room, and the tongren is coming. Shao Fuan Ping believes that the feudal warlord ruled the national disease of the country, and the "Beijing News" was called on the "National" national, like-minded, and cooperated to resolve ". Due to the attention of timeliness and authenticity, dare to tell the truth, the "Beijing News" quickly became the largest newspaper in Beiping. "Beijing News" adheres to the government should "listen to the right oriental opinion".

On April 30, 1919, Paris and meeting decided to transfer Germany to all rights and interests in Shandong to Japan.

Shao Faying wrote "Please see the Japanese Dynasty and Shandong issues" "Please see the preparation of the country", " .

On the evening of May 3, more than 1,000 Beiping Youth students were in the North University.

Shao Faying published an impassioned speech with the "Beijing News" president, calling on the students to save the map, and strive to fight.

The patriotic student in the scene was deeply impressed by Shao Fun, and the resolution launched the school’s extensive demonstration. On May 4, a vigorous patriotic movement broke out.

The Beijing News sent a reporter to interview reports to help the patriotic students. In the past two months, the "Beijing News" published more than 40 registration articles in Shao Fan, promoted the deepening development of this great movement with a strong revolutionary public opinion.

  Secret into the party’s live fire. In August 1919, "Beijing News" was seized by the bureaucratic politician "Anfu Department", Shao Fapping was wanted, and he had to go again to day.

During the day, he was published "Comprehensive Research" "New Russian Research", introducing the scientific socialism to the Chinese is "the results of Marx scientific research, and grasp the coupons for the victim".

  In the autumn of 1920, the "Anfu" is inverted, "Beijing News" reiced. Shao Faying Ping said that "the people’s sense of consciousness is not thorough, the political reform is not complete", published in the "Beijing News", "Political Seminar" and other articles, "political sin and social sins", etc., 北 北 军 殃Active, enlighten the public against feudal warlords, reflecting the characteristics of "social public authorities" "national public opinion representative".

  On December 5, 1924, "Beijing News Autumn" was founded, and 16 on 8 pages per period.

Shao Fuan Ping admitted the expression of independent freedom, support the editor-in-chief Sun Fuyuan to let go of the hand and feet, "Beijing News Autumn" became one of the famous "four major journals" in the National Fourth Sports Period.

The contributors of the Beijing News Aromao are very extensive. Lu Xun has issued the "Youth Book", "such as" discussion "" "Not gossip" and other essays.

On April 24, 1925, Shao Faying invited Lu Xun, edited a weekly magazipment comes with the Beijing News, which became a half-month "原" in the independent release.

  In 1925, Shao Fauling was introduced to the party and was given two "special work tasks" to promote publicity and intelligence.

As early as possible, he was closely linked to the Communists and reported two or seven major strikes and five-way movements in the "Beijing News".

He also praised the "Beijing News", "Lenin Special Issue", explains the essence of Marxism, and makes Marxist Xiong’s fires widely spread.

  Journalist heart talents.

On October 14, 1918, Peking University Journalism Research Association was established in Beijing, Cai Yuan’s President, Xu Baolu, Shao Fan Ping as a tutor.

This is the first journalism study in my country, known as China’s "newspaper education". On November 3, Shao Faying was first leaned, and the students who were listening to the class included subsequent progressive young people such as Mao Zedong, Gao Junyu, Tan Pingshan, in the early stage of the Chinese Communist Party.

  On February 19, on February 19th, the meeting was reorganized as "Peking University Journalism Research Association".

On April 20th, under the guidance of Shao Fan, China’s first newspaper professional publication "News Week" is designed to "the practice of members, the communication of news knowledge, and the discussion of comrades". At the first stage of full period in October 16, Mao Zedong’s name appeared in the list of "Scriptors who listened for half a year". Mao Zedong returned to Changsha to create a "Xiangjiang Review" and the propaganda revolutionary thoughts, and there is no relationship with the experience of the School of Journalism Research in Peking University.

  In September 1923, Shao Fapping’s "actual application journalism" was published by Beijing News.

The first news interview with this China is a specialist in the teaching of the School of Journalism Research, Peking University, and then modified as a teaching material of civilian university.

He proposes "the first task of newspapers," reporting readers with the latest and most interesting, the most important news " "Fairness and appropriate". This book and Xu Baoli’s "journalism", Gogong Zhen’s "China News History" was known as the three logo of the birth of China’s journalism system. In June 1924, his "Total Journalism" is published, and the book is proposed in the book "The Due to the Due to the Director of Journalists. Based on the Moral Personality, the Chivalry is brave as the pioneer, and it is a strong sense of responsibility". Shao Fu Ping’s two journalism works is the important foundation of Chinese journalism theory.

  After the 1926 third tragedy, the "Beijing News" immediately sent reporters to the on-site investigation and published a large number of crusade articles. Shao Faye Ping publicly rebuked the North Ocean warlords, "National Public Enemy", the warlords, the warlords, "screaming" propaganda, advocating expressions, no points, from one death penalty ", directly said that Shao Faying is" ruble reporter. "

On April 22, Shao Faying published in the Beijing News, "The Paper", was arrested on the 24th. On the 26th, he was shot in Beijing Fangqiao. Before the sentence, Shao Faying said that "all of them are all sent", and then take advantage of the revolutionary newspaper with life. In 1936, Mao Zedong and US reporter Snow said that Shao Faying said that Shao Fapping is very helpful, "a person with warm ideal and excellent quality."

Mao Zedong personally approved Shao Fapping as a revolutionary martyrs in April 1949, and it is still called "I am a student of Shao Fan Ping" in my old age.

In 1986, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China officially confirmed that Shao Fan Ping’s party members of the Communist Party of China. At this time, the reporter who was resistant to the power of the gun was reported to the country has passed the country.