The important transmission line project in the north of Xinjiang enters the stages of the iron tower

The important transmission line project in the north of Xinjiang enters the stages of the iron tower

"The crane has been in place, and the on-site safety measures have been completed. The site has been in line with the tower hoisting conditions …" At 11:58 on November 7, in Yili, Xinjiang, Bozhou-Usu-Phoenix II returned 750 kV Tower N1175, Tower II Tower, Construction II, and the Order, Engineering First, Engineering First, Engineering First, Engineering First, the project is labeled in the formal entry of the project. The first base iron tower is formed, the tower, machinery, and the tools are arranged. The staff spiritual vibration, fullness, verification, on-site construction information, safety measures, the implementation of the construction worker, after the requirements, the work site The staff issued an instruction, and the construction personnel set up the tower in order of the tower specification.

Yili – Bozhou-Usu-Phoenix II back 750 kV transmission line project is an important part of Xinjiang 750 kV main online Xitian Mountain Ring Network, from 750 kV Yi Power Station, passed 750 kV, Usu Sailing power station, stopped in 8 administrative districts of Phoenix 750 kV substation, Tu Rick County and Jinghe County, etc.

The project started on June 20, 2021. It is planned to build a transportation in June 20, 2023, and will effectively improve the power transmission capacity of Yili to Wusheng’s Load Center after completion. Optimize the configuration, enhance Xinjiang’s stable operation level, optimize the power supply capacity of main grid and safe and stable operation, and provide reliable guarantees for Xinjiang economic development and social stability. According to the engineering plan, the project is closed at the end of the year, and the total amount of time, tight, task weight, and three-quarters of the project is built in three-quarters of the project, and the remaining quarter is from Tianshan Mountains. Among them, more than 100 base towers need to be formed at the mountains and mountain tops of 620-2500 meters above sea level.

"There is no road in the terrain here, we can only take the road transportation to complete the transport of more than 6,000 tons of tower.

In addition, the large equipment cannot be entered. We use the inner suspended outer pulling bar to make the tower to make a job, and the hardcore tower operation has increased the difficulty of work, and the work is extended, but it can guarantee effectively. Engineering security and quality.

At the same time, in order to ensure on-site security, we have also set up video surveillance devices and stress monitoring devices, monitor personnel safety behaviors and safety measures, and ensure that the on-site operation is safely controlled. "Li Jun, the engineer project manager. Taking into account the climate change in the mountainous area, the rain and snow weather is alternated, the temperature is low, in order to ensure the smooth development of the group tower, the project owners project actively diverted the weather conditions to the weather, and release early warning information in advance. Do a good job in emergency measures, adjust the work plan according to the weather conditions to ensure effective engineering progress. In addition, the owner’s project department doses the manufacturer to optimize the transportation method according to the epidemic prevention and control policy, and docking the local government to arrange special personnel in the engineering site "handover" arrival Taswood, guarantee the progress of the tower, and put the construction staff in advance, and consult the government to formulate a special personnel flow plan to ensure that the construction personnel meet the operational requirements. Next, the National Network Xinjiang Construction Branch will pay close attention to the implementation plan to implement, grasp Real key node control, grasp the implementation of safety measures, and actively respond to challenges, decomposes difficulties, multiple measures, and strive to complete the project annual group tower. (Wang Jia, Fan Jiangjiang).

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Toezicht met volledige keten helpt xinjiang katoen hoge kwaliteit ontwikkeling

Toezicht met volledige keten helpt xinjiang katoen hoge kwaliteit ontwikkeling

Xinjiang katoenproductie soorten, management en alle links zijn in principe volledige mechanisatie, verbetering en katoenen boeren voorzien. De afdelingen op de markt supervisie op alle niveaus van Xinjiang zullen de aanhoudende gezonde ontwikkeling van de katoenindustrie in Xinjiang resoluut resoluteren, door het toezicht op gesloten lus van de hele keten van katoen, verwerking, verkoop, warehousing, versterking van de katoenen kwaliteit en het gebruik van standaardisatiebeheer Middelen, effectief onderhoud de legitieme rechten en belangen van katoenen boeren, waardoor de normale en ordelijke katoenen marktorde, continu verbetert de kwaliteit van katoen in Xinjiang en het concurrentievermogen van de markt, wanneer de kwaliteit van katoenkwaliteit! Ten eerste zal de acquisitie supervisie "katoenen boeren" doorgeven en ernstig de legitieme rechten en interesses van katoenen boeren behouden.

Ondertekende een garantie voor kwaliteitsverbintenis met katoenverwerkende ondernemingen in de jurisdictie, standaardiseren van de oprichting van een kwaliteitsinspectiesysteem om een ??kwaliteitsinspectiesysteem tot stand te brengen om de volgorde van de katoenkwaliteit te waarborgen. De provinciale kwaliteitstoezicht en inspectie van 2367, inspecteren van 1211 personen, en gunstig handhaafde de legitieme belangen van de katoenhandelspartijen om de kwaliteit van katoen te waarborgen.

De tweede is dat de verwerking het toezicht op "beschermende industrie" zal passeren en effectief de verbetering van de katoenindustrie bevordert. Door controle, test en speciaal bestuur, enz., Of de onderneming wordt verwerkt in overeenstemming met nationale normen en rolprocessenprocessen, en continu verbetert de kwaliteitscapaciteit van katoenverwerking ondernemingen, waardoor de verbetering van ondernemingen wordt verbeterd.

De derde is dat de verkoopkoppeling supervisie "Protection Order" passeert om de normale en ordelijke katoenen marktorde te garanderen.

Organiseer de aankoop van Katoenverwerkende ondernemingen, verwerkingsvolume, openbare inspectiegegevenscontrole en track toezicht van 71 ondernemingen, 50 zelfgebruik katoenverwerking ondernemingen en 30 textielondernemingen, bevorderen van katoen-gebaseerde ondernemingen om de hoofdverantwoordelijkheid van katoenkwaliteit te implementeren, de bestelling te onderhouden van katoenen markt. De vierde is dat de bankenkoppeling de "katoenverandering" van de toezicht zal passeren om de eerlijke handel in katoen te waarborgen en de prijshervorming van katoenen doelen op een ordelijke manier te bevorderen.

Organiseer 123 Binnenlandse vezelinspectiebureaus, alle 18 instrumentale notarisatie-inspectie-laboratoria, meer dan 3.000 inspecteurs, deelnemen aan Toezicht Katoen Notari?le Test, voltooi 10.000 ton Regulatory Katoen Notaris-inspectietaken en voltooi Regionaal Cotton Quality Analysis-rapport, speel de effectiviteit van het toezicht van katoenen notaris-inspecties bij de implementatie van de prijshervorming van katoenen doelwit, die sterk is verbeterd de kwaliteit van katoen in Xinjiang en marktconcurrentievermogen.

(Xinjiang Markt Supervision Bureau) (Editor: Yang Rui, MA Liang).

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Scan code collar red envelope smoking mobile phone is "teasing you" express package with "small advertising" don’t sweep

Scan code collar red envelope smoking mobile phone is "teasing you" express package with "small advertising" don’t sweep

  Behind these two-dimensional code is advertising, cautious. "Scan code collar red envelope" "scan code pumping mobile phone" "Don’t remove it, you have a box of instant noodles to be drawn" … positive "Double 11" express season, many wrap will come with a QR code, but also with guidance sweep The slogan of the code.

Some people think it is a red envelope or gift that the merchant is given, but after scanning code, it finds that popping is a small advertisement. Experts have reminded that consumers should be carefully scanned to avoid additional consumption. What happens to scan code? Most induced card or consumption "have almost a QR code on the recently sent delivery package, some let the code to lead the red envelope, some can pick up the phone, but after the sweep, I found that there is no prize at all, it is a variety of promotions. advertise.

"Ms. Feng, reflected the reporter. Many merchants have a good review after online shopping. Initially she thought that the QR code on the express parcel is the merchant to give back the gift, but after scanning code, it is found that it is mostly guided the card or It is an advertising page of some educational institutions, usually needs to fill in the name, mobile phone number and other personal information, and Ms. Feng worry, this has the risk of information leaks. The reporter randomly asked many consumers to find that most people have received similar with induction Scan the parcel of the QR code. The reporter randomly draws a courier list. After sweeping the code, a lottery is shown. After the draw, the "free collar card to the home" is shown, and let the name, mobile number, ID number, Address, under the way, it is the traffic package of China Mobile, showing "24-month video member", and the page will continue to pop up the transaction record. But then turn down, see the tariff details, each There are 39 yuan for the month. Where is the advertisement from? The rookie is responsible and has been screened. Is this not misleading consumers? "Ms. Feng believes that such advertising is easy to misunderstand.

  The reporter discovers the two-dimensional code on another courier list, the page shows "Congratulations on your excellent quota", let the user enter the mobile phone number, and click "Confirm Payment" to receive 100 yuan phone bill. After the simultaneous scan code of the courier surface is the promotion page of the educational institution, guide consumers to fill in the name, email, mobile phone number and other information submit registration. The reporter contacts different express businesses to learn after understanding that the advertisements on the express side will be responsible for the rookie unity, not the merchant itself. The rookie said to the reporter that this is a normal operation, and the advertisements are formal merchants. They have been screenked, and consumers can choose not to fill the information.

  Experts say that the scanning code is suspected of infringing the Chinese Law Society Consumer Rights Protection Law Research Association, Chen Yinjiang said that the express package is similar to the "scanning code collar red envelope" behavior, which is generally induced by consumers to purchase products or services, or induce consumption Fill in personal information.

According to the "Consumer Rights Protection Law", the operator provides consumers to provide information about goods or services should be true, comprehensive, not allowed to publicize false or misunderstanding; operators collect, use consumer personal information, should be expressly collected, The purpose, way and range of information is used, and the consumer consent. This "scan code collar red envelope" is obviously misleading for consumers. If it is to induce consumers to buy goods or services, suspected of violating consumers’ right and choice; if they induce consumers fill in personal information, they are also suspected of violations Consumer personal information is protected.

  Chen Yinjiang said that if it is an advertising behavior, advertisers and advertising producers, the publisher also should be responsible for the authenticity of the publishing advertisement, otherwise it must be responsible according to law. (Beijing Evening News reporter Ma Wei) (Editor: Gao Hongxia, Zhanghua Wei) Share more people to see.

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The lotus root is fresh, and the blood is boiled with the squid.

The lotus root is fresh, and the blood is boiled with the squid.

It is now the lotus root in a lot of listed, this time the lotus root is fresh and juicy. It is very good.

Zhao Zhixiang, deputy director of the Department of Endocrinology, Guangzhou Medical University, specially introduced a seasonal dishes suitable for Sanda Tianshi: lotus root burned squid.

The lotus root contains a lot of nutrients such as moisture, dietary fiber, and vitamins, which can provide enough fullness, and the sugar indication index is not particularly high. Lotus root can be eaten, there is clear heat dissipation, solve the role of thirst, but the spleen and stomach is not suitable, so we used the cooked way. Cooked 性 味,

Therefore, in the summer, you can eat lotus roots to achieve the effect of nourishing. The squid is a daily usual ingredient, and the protein content of each hundred grams of squid is as high as 18 grams, and the fat content is only 1 gram, rich in nutrients such as calcium, iron, and B vitamins. At this time, the jaundice is especially fat, and the folks have the statement of "Xiaoshu Huangqi".

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the fish flavor, the temperate, returning to the liver, spleen, kidney, can make up blood, strong bones, except for rheumatism. Summer weather is hot, it is prone to the symptoms of spiritual wilting, fatigue and weakness, and the eating carp can make up the blood, improve the symptoms of various fatigue.

Lotus root burning squid ingredients: lotus root, squid, chopped garlic, ginger, chop pepper. Steps: 1, squid cut into small pieces, rinse after filtering the blood, put the cooking wine, garlic, ginger in boiling water in boiling water, remove, rinse the floating foam, drain water, drained; 2, lotus root Peeling, cutting large blocks, put into the water to soak alternate, so as not to black; 3, garlic, ginger, chutes, etc. At the end, ginger, into the mouth, slightly stir fry; add the squid, add appropriate amount of soy sauce, old smoke, salt, 1-2 spoon chop pepper, stir fry 入 味; pour into warm water or high soup, just have no food, small Press the soup to do it, sprinkle on onion before going out.

Recommendation: Lotus root contains rich starch, so managed in the diabetic diet.

However, relative to rice, lotus root belongs to high cellulose low-calorie staple food, and diabetic patients can be properly eaten. (Yangcheng Evening News reporter Yu Yanhong correspondent Liang Translated Yin).

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The new mechanism China HKUST team reveals the metabolic regulation of liver enzymes ENO1

The new mechanism China HKUST team reveals the metabolic regulation of liver enzymes ENO1

According to Angola Online reports metabolism is an important feature of the tumor. In recent years, the rapid development in the field of tumor metabolic greatly expands the cognitive development of people with metabolic reprogramming occurs and the tumor.

The key physiological / pathological processes, such as external stimuli, oncogenic signals, meet metabolic demands of the cell by regulating the function of metabolic enzymes classic.

In addition to these metabolic enzymes their intended effect, also has support features of malignant transformation of non-classical (non-canonicalfunction / moonlightingfunction). Depth understanding of metabolic enzymes in non-classical features will broaden the understanding of tumor metabolism in the field, and reveal a new target for cancer therapy. Correspondent December 13 from China HKUST was informed that recently, the University of Science and Technology of China Zhang Huafeng Task Force and the Task Force Gaoping (now South China University of Technology) latest research, published online in NatureCancer entitled ENO1suppressescancercellferroptosisbydegradingthemRNAofironregulatoryprotein1 magazine, reported ENO1 as RNA-binding protein degradation mRNA mechanism to clarify the ENO1 bind and degrade hepcidin protein (Ironregulatoryprotein1, IRP1) mRNA genes, thereby regulating the metabolic homeostasis of intracellular iron ions, iron influence and promote the development of liver cancer deaths, providing for the treatment of liver cancer-related diseases potential new targets.

In this study, the authors first discovered ENO1 liver cancer cells highly expressed as RNA-binding protein (RNAbindingprotein, RBP) to work out, comparative analysis by RNA-seq data ENO1 regulation and CLIP-Seq data published in conjunction with liver expression of genes carcinoma (hepatocellularcarcinoma, HCC), the authors look at the further lock IRP1 hepcidin protein gene. Further studies showed that ENO1 protein binding IRP1mRNA, and promote the degradation IRP1mRNA degradation factor CNOT6 by recruiting RNA, combined with previous findings about ENO1 degradation of RNA in prokaryotes, our findings revealed ENO1 functional conservation across species. IRP1 play an important role in the regulation of homeostasis and liver mitochondrial functions in iron metabolism, but the role of regulation between IRP1 and mitochondria in tumors is not clear. Further analysis of mitochondrial iron metabolism related proteins, the authors found responsible for transporting iron from the cytoplasm to significantly increase channel proteins within mitochondria by Mfrn1 of IRP1.

Vitro cultured tumor cells and conducted a series of experiments knock-out mice induced liver tumor model system, OF, and further evidence IRP1 Mfrn1 role in hepatocellular carcinoma as a tumor suppressor.

Mechanism found, ENOl influenced iron accumulation and death processes of lipid peroxidation by 1RP1 and Mfrn1, thereby affecting tumor cell proliferation, it revealed a potential link between hepatoma cells ENO1 / IRP1 / Mfrn1 axis and iron regulated death.

Clinical analysis of patient samples showed that, IRP1 and Mfrn1 expression was low trend in liver cancer, and IRP1 and Mfrn1 lower expression of the patient’s survival prognosis is not ideal. In summary, the present study illustrates the new functionality and metabolic enzymes ENO1 binding RNA degradation, combined with its predecessors degrade RNA in prokaryotes found disclosed in conservative ENO1 RNA degradation function; In this study we resolved ENO1 / IRP1 / Mfrn1 regulatory role in tumor axis, revealed a new mechanism of tumor incidence, provides a potential new target for the treatment of liver cancer and other related diseases. Sun Lin’s co-first authors research associate at the University of Science and Technology of China, Dr. Zhang Tong and South China University of the paper, Professor Zhang Huafeng and co-corresponding author for the paper, Professor Cao Bang.

CRITICAL work was a professor, School of Earth and Space Sciences, Science and Technology, China Medical University, Professor Huang Fang, to help China HKUST First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University, and Professor pod Weidong Cai Yongping associate professor, and has been from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Fund support Fund Committee, Science and technology, China University of Science and technology and so on.

(Joe intern reporter Wang Wang Jingxian).

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Twee Jiangxin District Tianfu New District werkt samen om de belastinginzameling en managementdiensten te bevorderen

Twee Jiangxin District Tianfu New District werkt samen om de belastinginzameling en managementdiensten te bevorderen

De belastinggerelateerde activiteiten van meer dan 200 items, en belastinggerelateerde diensten, zoals facturen kunnen worden afgehandeld op het servicestation.

Guo Weiyu Wen People’s Network Chongqing op 14 oktober, de partijsecretaris van het Belastingdienstig van Tianfu New District, Chengdu en Director Wanmei ging naar het twee River New District Taxation Bureau om te onderzoeken en uit te wisselen, en de twee kanten hebben gezamenlijk de ‘belasting ge?ist Vrijwilligersstation "van de twee rivieren. Een consensus wordt bereikt op de lijst van belastinginzameling en service-integratie-ontwikkelingssamenwerking.

  Het optimaliseren van vrijwilligersservice Nauwkeurige hulp Small en Micro Enterprises "Fiscale vrijwilligersstation" is de belastingwetgeving van Chongqing Twee Jiangxian District, de Belastingdienstbasis en de Law Education-basis, met vrijwilligers zoals party-leden, jeugdleden, belastingwetgeving, enz. ., Verstrek diensten voor belangenbezorging van belastingbeleid, raadpleging, overleg, belastinggerelateerde bedrijfsbehandeling.

  Er wordt gemeld dat de cloudruimte wordt gebruikt als het Public Sharing Service-platform, en er is momenteel 5,308 bedrijven uit het land om zich te vestigen, inclusief het hoogste aandeel Sichuan-bedrijven, bereikt.

  "Het servicestation bevindt zich in de bloesemruimte, die kan worden ingesteld in een tijdige en doordachte belastingdienst aan de start-ups, en kan de belastinginteractie van Sichuan versterken, die praktische en effectieve diensten biedt.

"Liu Min, directeur van Dazhu Forest Fiscale Office, Dujiang New District Taxation Bureau, de dagelijkse werking van het servicestation is voornamelijk verantwoordelijk. In het uitstekende factureerstation van de vrijwilligers is het uitgerust met een zelfbelastingbelastingmachine en de namens van het ontwikkelingsticket. Volgens de vrijwilligersintroductie van de on-site kunnen meer dan 200 dagelijkse belastinggerelateerde diensten zoals facturen en facturen worden verwerkt. In het schooldistrict van de belastingbetaler passeren de belastingbetalers regelmatig, op locatie, enz., Gecombineerd met Hete beleidsmaatregelen om video- en netwerkklassen te interpreteren. Het bedrijf leidt het beleidsprediking. Tegelijkertijd, voor het belastinggerelateerde raadpleging van het bedrijf, stelt het servicestation het speciale venster van de belastingdienst in en de vrijwilligers "One-on-one" Q & A. Online betekent dat de twee rivieren New District Taxation Bureau ook een duty-systeem van een openbaar kantoor, via Service De tweedimensionale code die wordt weergegeven door het stationscherm, de belastingbetaler kan contact opnemen met de rechten, belastingbeleid, wetten en voorschriften gerelateerde vragen kan professionele oplossingen krijgen.

  Volgens rapporten, op dit moment, bereidt het zich actief voor op de Gaffard-ruimtelijn in de New District van Chengdu Tianfu, en zal ook het "belastingvrijwilligerswerkstation" bouwen en op beide plaatsen meer hoogwaardige belastingdienstbronnen bereiken.

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Shanxi Text Travel Industry Holiday Tight Strord

Shanxi Text Travel Industry Holiday Tight Strord

  Original title: Our provincial travel industry holiday tight safety chord June 12 232 units. In order to keep the safety bottom line, the Provincial Wenke Hall will conduct a special deployment for the work of the Wental Market in the Dragon Boat Festival.

Organize all levels of Wenxiong in all levels, cross-examination, "four no two straight", etc., in front of the festival, in the holiday, supervision and inspection of cultural places and tourism companies, and ensure the safety and stability of the text during the holiday period. In terms of the prevention and control of epidemic, the province’s Wen Dynasty, controlled the epidemic prevention and control as the primary task opened by the holiday library, strictly implemented scanning code registration, wearing mask, measuring body temperature, etc., public protection of various epidemic Control and control measures, continue to implement the "limited edition, appointment, and wrong peak" requirements of the scenic spot, and do a good job in tourists.

  In terms of optimizing the market environment of the Wenbao market, the Provincial Wenbu Hall strengthens the market law enforcement inspection of the Dragon Boat Festival, resolutely rectifying the chaos of the market, checking the 5th categories of 32 520 questions discovered by the card, and resolutely crack down on illegal violations Business behavior.

June 9th to 11th, the province has dispatched 554 law enforcement officers, and inspects 232 business units. It is penalized 2 pieces on the spot. According to big data analysis, the province Datong City, Zhangzhou City, Linyi City belongs to the third-party big data analysis platform reported 2021 end-year-old holiday popular tourist destination, especially the Yungang Grottoes, Datong Tria World, Wutai Mountain, Taiyuan Weihe River Park, Pingyao Ancient City, Mianchan, Daxi Tree is looking for ancestral garden, Taihang Mountain Grand Canyon and other scenic spots, tourists are high, and the booking is large. The Provincial Wentow Hall released a Tip of the Dragon Boat Festival to the society, requiring all levels of various departments to pre-examine the possible public opinion, strengthen the value of the class value, improve the emergency plan, and improve the ability to deal with treatment. (Reporter Zhang Ting).

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Suzhou: Taken the root "Entrepreneurship Paradise" to guard the "heart"

Suzhou: Taken the root "Entrepreneurship Paradise" to guard the "heart"

  Original title: Taround "Entrepreneurship Paradise", for the Chinese people, "Heart", in the hands of Suzhou embroidery, in addition to embroidery, the beautiful Soviet embroidery, can sew the life-saving heart valve. On November 8, in the Peijia Medical Testing laboratory in Suzhou Industrial Park, the reporter saw that a group of hand-sewed artificial valve products were taking fatigue test, tested 400 million times, about 4 to 6 months To ensure the service life of the product for about 10 years. "As one of the most important product lines of Peijia Medical Products, all of the valve sewn sewn in the heart valve we produce is accomplished, each sewing a complete valve, requires more than 1,000 needles for needle lead, take more than 10 hours.

"Pei Jia medical founder, Chairman Zhang Yi said, after testing, the heart valve we produce is comparable to the same imported products, but the price is about 40%. At the national two sessions, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that Force to carry out key core technology, accelerate the problem of "card neck" in the fields of drugs, medical devices, medical equipment, vaccines.

This makes Zhang Yi feel deeply.

More than ten years ago, he firmly chose to return to the country from the foreign medical device company, which is to hold such a belief: "The technique of foreigners can do, Chinese people can do, even better!" Bring Let the domestic medical equipment go to the world, Zhang Yes returns to the team for only more than 4 years, and it will break the foreign monopoly in the field of drug brackets, so that domestic brands have been recognized and trust from the majority of clinicians.

  In 2016, with a higher development goal, Zhang Yi came to Suzhou Industrial Park. The 5 years of "Entrepreneurship Paradise" is rooted, and the dream of his heart is more rapidly.

Today, Peijia Medical, master the world’s unique cow’s surface trimming technology and non-nonfolkaldehyde cross-linking anti-calcification technology biomaterial treatment technology, with more than 60 national registration patents, professional R & D laboratories and 3,500 square meters Complete production workshop. For Zhang Yi, I am particularly precious on April 19 this year.

On this day, Peijia medical independently developed valve products officially won the listing of the National Drug Administration, and it is also a product that China’s first clinical trial is completely independent by domestic experts. As of October, Peijia Medical Two-generation heart valve products have served more than 360 domestic patients.

  "In the moment, the Suzhou we have is striving to build a world-class landmark, the medical industry has achieved strong development, but the medical device industry still needs to break through, and Pei Jia medical will use its own advantages, depending on Suzhou’s strong support, grow as Jiangsu and even the country. High-end medical device leader.

"One pair of confidence in the future.

"Lin Yuanqin Wang Xiaoli).

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The autonomous underwater robots developed in my country completed the Arctic submarine science inspection

The autonomous underwater robots developed in my country completed the Arctic submarine science inspection

This newspaper Beijing October 7 (Reporter Wu Yuehui) Journalists learned from the Chinese Academy of Sciences that: Recently, the "Exploration 4500" autonomous underwater robot presided over by the Shenyang Automation Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as "Exploration 4500") in my country In the second Arctic examination, the northern high latitude sea ice coverage area scientific examination task was successfully completed. The self-underwater robot successfully dive in the Northern High latitudes is constantly deepening the exploration and cognition of the energy exchange and geological process of the Arctic in the Arctic Ocean.

According to reports, the characteristics of high-intensity sea ice coverage of this Arctic examination work area, the scientific research team innovatively developed the acoustic remote control and automatic guidance of ice recycling technology, overcoming the rapid movement of sea ice and recycling the sea area. The challenges brought about by underwater robots, ensuring that underwater robots continuously dive successfully in the high latitude sea area of ??the intensive sea ice coverage, and all safety recycles.

Li Shuo, deputy director of Shenyang Automation Research Institute, said: "In science test applications, ‘Explore 4500’ successfully acquires the nearette high distortion to multi-beam, hydrological and magnetic data, and the gentle geomorphology of the super slow expansion. Magma and hot fluid activities such as the front of the Arctic deep sea in front of the depth of the sea. "" Exploring 4500 "is the deep sea of ??the" Tropical West Pacific Ocean System Material Energy Exchange and Its Influence "Strategic Technical Special Support R & D equipment.

In order to participate in the Arctic examination, the scientific research team conducted environmental adaptability, high latitude navigation, submarine detection, fault emergency treatment, etc., and launched a systematic. reliability.

"Exploring 4500" successfully applied in the exam, fully verified its good low temperature environment in the Arctic Ice, high-profament, high-precision navigation performance, dense ice-free emergency response capabilities, and the fine detection ability of the nectic ridges. According to Hebin, Hebin, Director of the Shenyang Automation Research Institute, in recent years, China’s major needs, Shenyang Automation Research Institute has been committed to promoting the system of pedigree of underwater robots, and participated in 8 polar science tests, for my country underwater robots Polar application makes an important contribution. "People’s Daily" (04th edition, October 021) (Editor: Chen Luo, Li Minjun) Share more people to see.

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The Ministry of Central Committee and other joints held the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China

The Ministry of Central Committee and other joints held the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing September 30, from the Central Great Department, the National People’s Congress Overseic Committee, Ministry of Foreign Ministry, the National Office of China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Overseas Chinese Committees, the Central Committee of the Government, the Central Committee of the Communist Party, China Overseas Chinese Federation, jointly held 70th Anniversary ReportOn the 30th, he was held at the Beijing National Convention Center.The Central Party School (the National Institute of Administration) (the hospital), Yuan Xie Chuntao, made the "70th Year of the Communist Party of China".Xie Chun Tao explained the historic achievement of the Chinese Communist Party to the Chinese National Party to stand, rich, and strong, summed up the successful experience of the Chinese Communist Party 70 years, and answered the "energy" of the Communist Party of China.More than 2,300 overseas overseas and regional representatives from more than 130 countries and regions in the region participated in the report.

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